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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Upcycling: a new exercise? Ha!

I have a big "green" heart, so when I saw the upcycling challenge, I got excited.  Although, I never call it upcycling.  I call it reusing, reworking, or giving it away.  Take something that you might be throwing away/getting rid of and turn it into something usable and maybe even beautiful.  I am up for that challenge.  I LOVE crafts, I never have time for them anymore!  So, this made me stop and get crafty...yay!!!

I decided to fix up my file cabinet.  I already use it, it's chock full of files, it's old and a bit battered.  Soooo, I decided to get crafty.  I used easily removable contact paper to turn it into a cute new cabinet.  I did the same thing with some cabinet doors that were very drab.

Here are the before and afters:


I also had an unused desk sorter that was headed for GoodWill- so I took it to school in the beginning of the year and used it to sort my little bits and pieces.  I have it on a cabinet that is too tall for kids.

I needed a pencil holder.  Here are the steps I took to make it from a container out of the recycling bin.

Out of the recycling bin

Washed and label removed

Top cut off to size I desired.  Be careful it is not sharp.
If it is use decorative Duck Tape on the top OR fine sanding paper.

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