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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015

Hey there.  I am joining What The Teacher Wants in a summer linky.

School- I am switching classrooms and the one I am going into has very limited storage space (which is much opposite of the one I just left).  So, lots to purge.
In our district, they like to give us a limited amount of copies.  I am not a fan of that.  I was very new to that last year when I entered the district....having just switched from private to public schools.  So, needless to say I was very glad when they realized the copy #'s weren't going to work out and the stopped "counting".  I am very afraid it will happen again, so while I have sort-of unlimited, I want to make copies of the things I know I will need- like spelling and math tests.  Then I will just have to grab the test and get to it!

Personal- Since this year was totally insane, I did not spend anytime working on my health at all.  I ate junkie quick food and skipped meals a lot, I did not exercise, and barely slept.  Recipe for disaster.  I suppose I am lucky I survived it all.  I am eating healthfully again and sleeping well but still need to get back on the exercise regimen.  

Fun- I am so happy to have time with my kids.  Period.  
We will have a California road trip soon- so excited!

Happy Saturday :)

Monday, June 1, 2015

May Currently 2015

June is awesome!!!!  I am so happy to be hanging with my kids.  I sure love those beautiful little people!  They just had some new headshots done by a fabulous photographer named Antonya Molleur.  Love it!  

Well, currently is here.  Click {HERE} if you wish to join in the fun.  

Summer Lovin:  I am so excited the kids are back in swim lessons.  I am really lovin' the sunshine.  It's rained a lot lately and I am ecstatic that the sun is out again.  Ahhh, relaxation.  I love not having a strict schedule.

Happy June!