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Sunday, April 5, 2015


It is already April 5th.  It's my birthday month and I will be 39.  Yup.  I will cry.  I did when I turned 29 too.  That one was rough, but this one feels big.  The end of my "youngish" 30s.  Yikes.  Now I will be officially old, right?  I remember thinking that 40 was super old when I was a teen.  Now it doesn't feel so old.  BUT I certainly feel like my body is getting old.  I get hurt and my body doesn't "bounce" like it used to.  I got hurt this past pretty badly.  I almost went to the ER but I willed myself to NOT do that.  I was ice skating with my cute girls in Idaho.  My parents live there.  I am not great at it but we were having fun.  Then my oldest and I went hand in hand around the rink when, whamo!  Our legs intertwined and I went down like a ton of bricks.  I blacked out and everything.  It was only for a second...but when my eyes were seeing again- I was a starfish on the ground and took a minute to be able to get words together and to stand up.  I hurt my elbow pretty badly...not broken but it still hurts pretty badly.  I will have to get to the drs sometime soon I guess.

My head is ok now, but it scared me to pieces.  Being old.  No fun.  If I were still a kid, I'd be fine by now.

It will sound totally over-reactive but it made me worry- what if that had been my last day.  What if I didn't have a chance to tell my girls how amazing they are (another time) and that they should never work as hard as I do because family is always more important.  Silly I know.  It was just a goose egg on the head.  But it woke me up.  I have over-worked at my new job all year (in ways that no one but me will ever notice) and now I need to remind my children that our family is #1.  I haven't figured out completely how to do that yet, but my first step- time myself on the computer.  I can research, plan, scan the web forever.  I will now be giving myself a time limit (should've done that a long time ago).  It is not worth sitting in front of the computer for hours on end to do all this crazy amount of work that never seems to pan out, when I should spend time with my kids playing outside or baking cookies together.  I have said all year "next year will be better because..."  I am deciding the rest of this year will be better.  I choose to set some limits now.  

So, on with the show....below is the linky for Farley and my currently.

listening- I love chickens.  We don't usually have them, but we have had them before.  I grew up on a Maryland horse farm, so I grew up with chickens.  I decided I wanted chickens again and so, on our way home from our spring break trip, we got 3 chicks.  We will be getting 4 more, but I want specific ones that lay colorful eggs (Ameraucana/Araucana).  So, we are waiting for those cuties to come in to the feed store near us.  I can hear them because- while they are little and the weather is unpredictable- they are in our bathroom in a fabric dog crate with a heater.  I know a little gross but it's worth it to have those cute birds. 

needing- we came home from our big trip and the house was clean, exactly 24hours later it looks horrible!!!

Eggs-plain the name-  Ok, so I got a little side tracked with my answer above.  Albuquerque Amy and Academics....I wanted it to represent me and not be grade specific as teachers are transient and tend to change grades.  I have done that a bunch and so I wanted it generic in the grade area.  Albuquerque- because it is part of the alliteration and because no one would know where the town of Tijeras is!!!!  Some people know about ABQ but some people, as mentioned in the currently, think NM is another country.  I don't get it though.  We are between and below states that people know very well, so why do we disappear?  

Oh well.  Have a great week everyone and remember to spend a little extra time with your loved ones!