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Monday, November 30, 2015

Football in the Classroom

Well, ok so it wasn't really football just a football theme.

I had my daughter take a picture of me with one of the footballs- since I can't post kids.  

Here is what I had set up on the floor for the kids to use during our games.  This was used during math for learning/practicing doubles plus 1 facts.  They had to explain the sum and math strategy before they could throw the ball.

Sorry- I put up all the chairs before remembering to take a picture~ makes it hard to see.

Later during ELA, we worked in teams- they had 30 seconds to come up with a team name as a group and I put the names on the footballs hanging over their tables.  In the teams, the kids had to quickly read and say (yell) a sight word as fast as possible and go (run) to the end of the line.  During reading, the kids had to discuss and explain story elements and answer questions about the story after catching the football.  They had to be pretty alert.  We worked on a phonics rule using the football as well.  

Finally, at the end of the day we had science.  We discussed force and used balls to demonstrate ways to move an object and then have the object change direction without using was pretty funny.  Some of the kids used their noses, some used tools such as pencils and some tried blowing with big huffs and puffs.  It was loud and crazy but they totally got the idea.  

All the content was from our curriculum programs and I used the state standards we are expected to use in our district BUT it had a big twist with the delivery.  

Crazy part....I had NO IDEA my principal was going to randomly come in and do a walkthrough observation.  I was nervous but I think it went ok.  There are always things to improve.  

Hope your Monday back was eventful as well!

Saturday, November 28, 2015


I hope your Thanksgiving was super delicious.  We took a step out of tradition and spent the morning making tamales with my in-laws instead of doing the mashed potato and tofurky (our family is vegetarian).  It was fun having tamales for Thanksgiving...but now I still want leftover mashed potatoes!  So we are making it today for dinner, ha!
I am joining many other TpT teacher authors to host a Cyber Sale in a few days.  My store will have 20% off everything.  Use the code SMILE.  

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

Monday, November 16, 2015


Hi all!  Last winter, my family did a photoshoot and commercial filming for a local amusement park.  The final product just came out and below is a link for the commercial.  The blond girls in the video are my kids.  Below is my entire family....with Santa at the park.  This photo is on the main webpage right now.
Click for video {here}

It was a lot of fun doing the filming shoot with the whole family.

On an academic note- we will be working on our Thanksgiving packets this week that I created.  Please click the page below to check them out.  The packet is free!

Have a great week!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Going to RCA?

I am trying to plan a Ron Clark Academy trip and I need some advice from those who have gone.  I was looking at the January 15th date.  I am paying out of the 1 day training is the more reasonable pricing for me.  I was thinking about the National Conference too- during the summer...but that one is a LOT more money in total due to extra time at the school and extra hotel fees and such.  BUT, if I start saving now, I should be fine to go, I think.

Ron Clark Academy Gym:

Is anyone out there who reads my blog going anytime in the near-ish future????  I would love a bloggy buddy to go with and to hang out with.  I just am so pumped to get there!!!!! Anyone feel like teaming up and taking that place on with me?!?!?

Leave a comment below if you are going soon/soonish and your email so I may chat with you about it...if you wish me to contact you.  I am from New Mexico, be sure to tell me what state you live in.
Happy Sunday,

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Currently

Wow, November snuck up like a ninja.

I am linking up with Farley's Currently, love those.  Click the pic below to join in.

I don't think I need to explain much above (although I do realize I totally misspelled quiet).  

Listening- I am staying up way too much to get planning and other things done but I can't seem to get everything completed!  It's tricky balancing 2 kids and trying to be an "on-top-of-it" teacher.  I do the best I can but it always feels like it's not enough.  So, to compensate and make more time to get stuff done, I just don't sleep much.  Not healthy, but it allows my daughters more time with me since I don't spend all their time working on papers or the computer.

Well, whether we are ready or not, here is November!  So, I wish you a fabulous month!