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Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer.... come back!

Currently time- join in with Farley.

I've been working hard in my new 2nd grade classroom.  I have a lot of bulletin board papers up and am trying to get it all organized for the year...but it becomes difficult to make decisions about class set -up when you are learning new curricular expectations.  It will be a year before I decide what works for this new room.

Loving- we have been getting mountains of rain in the ABQ and nearby areas.  So much that we actually have flooding in parts of NM.  The good part- we didn't have to worry about summer forest fires this year.  That's good.

Needing- I am planning a day full of mani-pedis and haircuts and Starbucks...sigh.  Fun.  The kiddos and I will love it.  Girl time.

Enjoy your summer while it lasts!