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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Queen of Hearts Valentine STEAM Party

We had a Queen of Hearts Valentine's Party in my class yesterday.  It was full of fun things.
So of course, I took the opportunity to dress a bit differently!

Here are each of our STEAM station activities...

The kids learned about pollination through a cute little song.  They dissected parts of a carnation and when there was time, labeled the parts.  They discussed how seeds are made and enjoyed taking a peek inside something they hadn't before.

The kids built a house of cards with the challenge to make them 3 levels one got to that high but a few got to 2 levels.

The kids built a rabbit tunnel with the game marble run.  Their challenge was to make the rabbit hole as fast as possible, so the White Rabbit would not be late.  They were timed and then had revision time to try to make it faster.

The kids used fat needles and yarn for thread to sew cute little hearts (and sneak in some good fine motor work).  They were pretty little cards when they were finished.
I hope your Valentine's Parties were a good time.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Currently 2016

Join in the Currently fun with the amazing Farley at:

Oh Boy It's Farley

Thinking- I have a lot of evidence/pics to gather for the Domains.  In NM (as I imagine other states) we have to organize our info for the various Domains to turn into the PED via our principals.  That always takes awhile.  

Swooning- My PTA (after a presentation I put on requesting funds) has decided to fully fund my trip to RCA's National Educator Conference.  They are paying airfare, food, hotel, training fee, and giving extra for any materials I may see to purchase to for training staff when I return.  I will then put on a staff PD in August when we return to school.  LOVING my PTA for their help!!!
Yesterday my class celebrated the 100th Day.  So, I threw on a wig, old lady scarf, and a bunch more wrinkles (already had some naturally, ha) to celebrate in old people style.  Some of my kiddos dressed the part too.  They were so funny!
Happy February People!!