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Monday, May 23, 2016

Funding for Ron Clark Academy #THMPride #RCA

Hey everyone!
I will be Periscoping this Wednesday (5/23/16) at about 3 p.m. MST (2 p.m. PST).  I will go over how I was able to get complete funding from my school PTA.  I am a bit on the shy side when it comes to presenting and am usually the last one to volunteer to get up in front of large groups.  So, this was a big feat for me.  I will talk about what I did to get over that (for a day).  I will answer questions anyone might have about the presentation and funding.

Join me on my Periscope channel-

The Ron Clark Academy Experience (aka - Best PD EVER!!!!!):

Hope you can drop in and listen!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spy Day- Room Transformation

We had a super fun Spy Day in 1st grade.  My co-workers joined in on the craziness that I suggested.  
One of my friends taught ELA with a spy twist.  The kids who needed support worked on sneaky e words and those who are independent worked on spy sentence scramblers by Tales and Teacherisms.  
Detectives AND Secret Agents Sentence Scramblers for Liter
My other teacher buddy taught math with a spy twist.  She used the powerpoint bundle from The Primary Techie, below to do some really fun math facts, spy exercises, and she thought of incorporating money work with the math facts.  They created spy/glow glasses during their work.  I got those on Amazon.  See below. 

Mission Impossible Math MOVE IT! Addition and Subtraction Bundle

50 Aviator Lumistick Glow Eyeglasses - 8 Color Assorted Mix

 In my room the kids solved the mystery of who committed the crime of Making a Mess in my room!!!
They were great forensic scientists.  We also learned how to take and identify fingerprints.  I used my own creations...which I don't have on TpT.  Maybe this summer...maybe.  I am not good at doing that.  I'm really good at buying TpT stuff, ha!

I decorated the room with "lasers" made of white yarn, a black light, glow in the dark balloons with led lights in them, and black trash bag tablecloths.  
1 X illooms LED Light up Balloons 15 Mixed color Party Pack

We also had glow sticks and finger lights.
Novelty Place® [Premium Quality] LED Party Finger Lights for Kids (40 Pcs)

All 3 of us had spy like clothes on.  I totally forgot a pic of that.  :(
I was inspired by Hope King's ideas.  I did not create this concept but I did "first grade-afy" it.  

I am super excited to go to RCA and maybe talk with Hope King... it is only 2 and a half weeks before I get there!!!  I can't wait!  I will blog like crazy about that adventure!

Have a great weekend.

Monday, May 9, 2016

May Currently

Can't believe it's May!  Join in the currently with Farley by clicking the link below!
Oh Boy It's Farley
I have 12 school days left to cram the last bit of information into my little ones brains.  Wish me luck!