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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy 109th Birthday Dr. Seuss!

First grade at my school celebrates Dr. Seuss week.  It is always a blast.  Here is the letter we send home to all the families to explain what we are doing and how to "play" along with us.  I did not create this, my first grade coworkers did.  Lovely work ladies!
Here is what Wacky Wednesday looked like!

Those are some silly socks!!

As most teachers do, we in first LOVE Dr. Seuss.  We read every Seuss book we can get our hands on, and do every activity we can think of to celebrate.  Love, love, love, us some Seuss. I will post my bulletin board soon.  I still have a few kiddos who need to finish their page before I post the pic.

Here are all the Seuss books I have collected over my years of teaching.  I love them.
Have a Seuss-eriffic weekend everyone!

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