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Monday, January 19, 2015

Wish Upon a Star

Melissa Cloud from A Teaspoon of Teaching is hosting a give-away and fundraiser for Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Many people have donated to the fundraiser and it is some pretty amazing products.  I donated as well, but I will be purchasing the k-2 bundle (valued at over $70).  A few of the items in the pack are shown below.  Click on the pic to go to the TpT store to purchase this as well.

There are 3-5 and 6-12 packs as well.  Check them out below.  Click on the pic to purchase the pack.

Check them out and purchase them to donate to a very worthy cause.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hello everyone,
My bloggy buddy Melissa Cloud over at ...
Grab My Button

is hosting a fundraiser for our areas Make-a-Wish Foundation.  Her school is trying to raise money for children who need a little happiness and joy in their life.  When I saw her post about donating for this cause, I joined in!
If you buy a $25 pack full of items that have various ages and curriculums included in it (and Melonheadz clip art), you are helping her school raise money for this worthy cause.  Melissa has done other fundraisers for Make-a-Wish.  Last year her school raised over $6,000 for it.  So, join in on this fundraiser and add more to her pack by donating OR buy the pack to support her school's fundraiser and get some awesome items while helping kids.  Can't beat that!    

Melissa said the fundraiser pack will be available Monday, after all the donations have been finalized. I can't wait to see the final pack contents.  It already looks pretty great!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another snow's a miracle!

Wow, here in the land of enchantment (NM) we don't have a lot of snow days.  Today we had our 2nd snow day in a row.  I am so excited.  I had been working at a school that was farther away than the one I am in this year and it rarely snowed in the area of the other school, hence, we pretty much never had a snow day.  The area I live in gets more snow, as I am in the mtns.  So, when it snows at my house it is usually snowing near my new school.  Yay!  Below is what my backyard looks like.  Not a ton of snow but it is pretty icy.
I am originally from the east coast (Maryland to be exact) and I KNOW snow and ice storms.  I've had to drive through my fair share of them.  So, I know this snow is lame to some but in NM there isn't a good system to clear the roads and there aren't a lot of plows, in comparison to other states that get a lot of snow.  So, when it snows, our roads get (not to mention, most NM people drive and brake WAY too fast in it).

Anywho, I am working on a ton of school things.  It's so nice to catch up.  I hope you are having a super Wednesday too.

I just got Erica Bohrer's 101st day of school packet and have printed it out.  I will be doing the activities with my 1-2 combo class.  Should be really fun!
Celebrate the 101st Day of School!
Click on the pic above to get if from TpT.  

Or click below to check out her blog.  I read it often.
Erica's Ed-Ventures

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

MLK Day is coming...

Hi there bloggers and blog readers!  I had a super fun, first of the year, snow day today!  Wahoo- love that extra sleep!

I have just updated and added to my freebie on TpT for my MLK Day writing activity.  It is a cute bulletin board creation and/or writing activity for 1st or 2nd grade.

Above is a picture of how it could be laid out on a larger construction paper.

Above is how you can make it extra fun by turning it into a pajama and big breakfast day!  This idea came from past coworkers of mine- Colette and Caroline.  Thanks ladies.  :)

If you wish to download it for free from my TpT store click HERE.

Happy Tuesday everyone.