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Friday, May 30, 2014

Fridays are Fun

I'm joining the Doodle Bugs Teaching linky:

1-  Today I met up with Suzy from On the Go Teacher Mama and Melissa from A Teaspoon of Teaching.  Click below to check out their blogs.

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We ate some yummy food, talked about school/children/families/TpT and other things.  It was a lot of fun.  Suzy is quite funny and Melissa is always so sweet.  Sorry the pic is blurry!

2-  Yesterday I got to hang out with my dear friends from the school I am leaving.  We ate at P.F. Changs and it was super yummy!  It is going to be hard not seeing my amazing friends everyday.  I totally forgot to take a picture too!!!  At one point I laughed so hard I cried!  It was wonderful.  And if you are keeping track- yes that was 2 nights in a row of hanging with ladies and having fun!

3-  My crazy girls in a tree.  Yesterday my kids went on a hike at the top of the Sandia Mountains with my hubby while I was out with the ladies.  He sent me this pic.  Yes, my oldest is wearing a butterfly net on her face...she's silly like that.
4-  My wrist is getting better and better each week and I no longer have to use my super fancy glove seen here.  Yay!  I still have about 6 months left of healing and strengthening to go- but boy is it a lot better!  I can't wait to get back to dancing.

5-  Now that it's summer, I am super excited to try some things from my Pinterest food board.  Like this little tasty number...Mmmmmmm!
Easy Frozen Mocha Frappuccino

Have a great weekend everyone,

Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Ahhhh, summer.  Nothin' like it.

Deanna Jump has a Summer Bucket List linky going on and I thought- I need to join in!  She wrote exactly how I feel each summer.  Great intentions of all the things you never have time for but you end up thinking and preparing for school instead of enjoying your summer.  I always go on summer trips and those seem to be the only times I don't think and do for school.  I am unable to!!!

So here is my wish list:

1.  Spend as much time as possible with my 2 cute little girls.

2.  Work on our patio in the backyard.  We have already started, so my hopes are high that it will turn out beautiful!  

3.  Exercise again!!!  I had to stop for awhile when I was letting my wrist heal.  Sounds like an excuse but think about what happens if you catch yourself with your hands, which would have totally messed up my wrist.  I do NOT want surgery again, so no exercise it was.  I finally get to jog, lift weights, and do cardio again.  I won't be dancing again until fall though.  That one is still a bit scary for me.  We catch ourselves a lot with our hands and bend our wrists in crazy ways.  
I want to do another fun 5K, but the one I really want to do is in Sept.  It is called Foam Fest.  Talk about needing my wrist to be healed though!!!  Check out the cool stuff you have to go through-    
Death DropMikes Hard Elemonator5k Foam Fest Family Fun Run

4.  READ FOR FUN!  I want to read this book...finally.  I would love to get through the trilogy, but I bet I'll get through one book for fun this summer.  
Product Details
5.  I want to make some body butter lotions.  I love smelly lotions, but they are either good ingredients and pricey or yucky ingredients and cheap.  So, I want to make my own!  I am getting some essential oils using an Amazon gift card a parent gave me, wahoo!  Love those gift cards!
6.  Get my kids to be a part of the house cleaning regiment.  They do ok picking up their stuff, but it is always after I get grumpy!  I want it to become a routine for them.

7.  We always do a lot of camping.  This year we will meet up for our yearly family reunion in Jellystone Park near Estes Colorado.  It should be fun!  
8.  My oldest is going to acting camp and pioneer camp this summer.  We never do camps during the summer as I am home, but she is 10 and REALLY wanted to do it.  So, we said...OK.  The only problem is, my youngest will need to do some fun things while her sister goes to these 2 camps.  So, I am trying to come up with as much fun stuff for her as possible.
Pioneer Camp
9.  Of course, get some swimming (and sliding) in at the pool.

10.  I hope to meet up with friends.  I am making plans to meet up with my blogger friend Melissa and another blogger this coming week.  

Well, I sure have a lot of plans.  I hope I get to it all.  Enjoy your summer everyone!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Schools out for summer!

Phew, what a blur of a month! This Thursday was the students' last day of school and Friday was my last day.  I am ending a chapter of my life and beginning a new one.  I will no longer be at the school I have been connected to in one way or another for 12 years.  When I moved to NM from Maryland, 12 years ago, I got a job at a wonderful private school.  I taught there for several years than took time off to have my children.  When my oldest was going into K and my youngest was old enough for preschool, I came back to my current school.  It was great, but the commute then became...different.  It wasn't such a small issue anymore.  I live in the mtns and ABQ gets no ever.  So, when I'd have a foot of snow and all schools out by me were closed for 2 days, my in town school had a little rain, maybe.  So, I'd have to brave the weather, with my children in tow.  It was not fun.  The other aspect of a commute with 2 girls is that they would start to yell at each other from exhaustion, stress and it just created a terrible pattern of: get in car, yell, feel horrible, get out of car.  I was done.  I mean really DONE.  The other factor that spurred us was that my oldest will be going to middle school out by us as we can't do the private middle-high schools in ABQ.  I'm already stretched to the limit with what I was doing.  So, we felt this was the year to switch to Emtn schools so my oldest could make friends before entering middle school.  We will have our girls at a wonderful public school near our home.  I am currently trying to get a position there as well, but we will see what happens.  I am out of the swing for public schools- but it is where I started my teacher journey (although it was back East).  I am hopeful to be at this new (to us) school.  I love being at the same school as my kids.  It's the biggest perk to being a teacher-mama.

About a week ago, I got a package in the mail.  My dear blogger buddy sent it to me.  Thank you Melissa!  Check out the cute things she sent me.  Click the picture to go to her blog.

Thank you Melissa, you rock!

On the last day of school I got a ton of flowers.  I love them all!!!!  I put them all on my table, and it looked like a florist shop, ha!  I had such amazing families this year.  THANK YOU!

On my last day, yesterday, I had a parent from my class ask if one of the kiddos could come back and say good bye again.  I said, of course.  This is one of my kiddos who would go with the flow and not much got him down.  His mom told me he was crying a lot because he missed me already!  So when he came by he gave me this adorable card.  FYI- the math problems are there because he was one of those kiddos who could do math facts in a flash.  Look at the bottom right corner.  :( 

I will miss my little sweeties.  When is your last day?

I hope your end of the year goes beautifully!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Teacher Sale

Hello all,
Teacher appreciation day is coming up. Well, TpT, being full of teachers is having a great sale.  I will have my store on sale for 2 days.  May 6-7th I will have 20% off and with the promo code below, you will get an additional 8% off!  Oh yeah, 28% off people!  I can't wait to fill up my cart.

 Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

May, ahhhhh!

I am excited and ready for May, except that I have soooooo much left to do before school lets out in 14 days!

I am joining in with Farley again for the Currrently.  See below to join in too.

The only thing that needs a little extra explaining is the surprise.
Although, I am not ready to announce my big changes, there are several to come.  
I am excited to explain soon!!!