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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

40th Birthday.....

You say it's your birthday- well it's my birthday too, yeah!
Ha, a little Beatles for you.

Anyway, today is my 40th birthday and it was a good day.  I started the day with little notes to my cuties in class.  Each kiddo had a positive post-it to read.
Several of the students made cards for me.  So cute.
 I was given a gift card by my awesome families to a restaurant I love......
and was given doughnuts from my favorite place!!!!
My sweet buddy brought me these super pretty flowers after school.  
It was so much fun.  I try to duck my head and pretend my birthday is not happening, but this one was fun.  40 is kinda crazy but in a good way!
Hope your Wednesday was super great.  If not, tomorrow will be better...really!

Friday, April 1, 2016

April Currently

It is birthday month.  Normally, I feel a bit "quiet" about my birthday- but to be honest folks I am feeling a bit "loud" about it this year.  I am turning 40 this month.  I know that isn't too old but it feels like a biggie.  It feels like a year of big changes.  I have had so many exciting, crazy, fun, and new adventures and experiences already in 2016 but I feel many more are to come.  This is a good thing.  I am ready to face whatever comes my way and jump head first into it.

Below I have Farley's Currently.  If you wish to join in the fun- click below.
Oh Boy It's Farley
Listening- I just joined the Teach Happy Membership on Sheila Jane's website.  Check it out, she has a ton of information and connects you to people who are amazing and upbeat yet real.  I am so excited!

Loving- see this post

Thinking- Ok, I did it.  I stayed up crazy late to plan the math, reading, and science for the next and final 8 weeks of school.  I also made up my final 7 hw cover sheets for the year.  I still have phonics/Fundations (separate plans) and social studies to complete.  I still have to make copies for everything but wahoo for the giant amount I did already!!!!

Wanting- spring break is coming to a close and I want to do something cute for my nails.  So, I have some new Jamberry strips that I want to get on before I go back to school.

It's April, folks.  Go out there and be great!