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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Clutter-Free group areas

I am linking up again with The Clutter-Free Classroom for another installment of organizing my classroom!

This time we were to show how we organize/run our group areas.
Here is the shelf where I keep all the the things I need for reading group, but it wasn't "flowing" and it certainly wasn't pretty.  Sooo, I fixed it to work for me a bit better and look neater.  This area also serves as any small group work and individual meeting space.  


Before- front of shelf
I added this pic so you could see where the group table is situated.

I removed the excess items that I thought I would use and ended up not needing.  I moved the baskets to be spaced out more so I didn't have to move any basket to get inside them.  All items are now easily accessible.   

Here is my circle area.  I didn't change anything here.  I use this area for read aloud, calendar time, and class meetings.  It all works well for me and the kids.  We have all items necessary for each job and all baskets are labeled to find things quickly.

Happy spring cleaning!

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  1. Love your new clutter free island! Thanks for linking up. :)

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