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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Underwater Class Flip

I, really quick, did a classroom flip.  I set up my classroom (with some help from a parent) with a couple tarps, an "aquarium" of sea animals on my Promethean that also played underwater sounds with music, and a super cool light that makes whatever you shine it on, look like it has water ripples on it.

It's not perfect, but the kids had a good time with it!  I sent a message to my class the night before on ClassDojo showing them what to look forward to when they came.

They used finger lights to read with when they first entered the room.
We explored and sorted math facts deciding which strategy we would use to solve them such as count-on, doubles, and make-ten.  During ELA, we continued work on character and setting but we added plot to the mix.  We watched a short video on BrainPop Jr. about plot.  I read a fictional ocean story and then the kids used a story map to explain the characters, setting and plot.

During Fundations practice, we used a dolphin ring toss.  I would ask a student to tap out a word, spell it on the Promethean using my letter tile board flipchart and then the student would have a turn tossing 2 rings to the dolphin's nose.  We decided the dolphin's name was Frank.  :)
EVERYONE wanted to have a all were thoroughly engaged.

It was a fun day.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Going to RCA!

This evening, I put on a quick 15 minute presentation for my school's PTA (my youngest daughter was my photographer).  I was requesting any assistance available to go to The Ron Clark Academy.  I showed them a few videos demonstrating the awesomeness of RCA.  I then broke down the entire trip's expenses: the training, the hotel, the cab to the hotel, and the airline tickets.  Most importantly, I spoke honestly about how I feel as an educator (passionate about teaching) and why I feel so strongly about RCA and their mission as well as my own mission of a mini-revolution in my own classroom.  Changing American schools one classroom at a time is workable, doable and needed.
I requested whatever they might have available to put toward this cause.

They granted funding for the entire trip!  Plus extra funds for any available training materials for the pd that I will be doing for the teachers next year and funds to cover food costs.  I almost cried.  No really, I almost cried!!! I was so grateful to have such an amazing response.  I already knew that we have the best PTA ever, but this one tops the cake!  I feel very blessed/lucky/whatever one might call it, that's me!

I look forward to my possible adventures in Atlanta during the National Educators Conference at RCA.  WOW!  I have wanted to visit RCA for so many years but for some reason, this year felt like the year I NEEDED to go.  Now I can.

So. Happy.

Free MLK product and Blog Hop Winner!!!

Our fun blog hop is over and we have some winners.  Drum roll please........
We had a winner chosen for each of our bundles!!!  
The TpT gift certificate goes to- Nancy Claggett
The K-2nd bundle goes to- Kimberly Daphne
The 3rd-5th bundle goes to- Callie Westkey.  

Suzy from On the go Teacher Mama will be sending you your prizes very soon.     

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who stopped by, downloaded our forever freebies, and those who just came and read our blogs.  We appreciate each one of you!

Also, in case you are preparing for our upcoming holiday, Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I have a product to use for it below.  It's free!  I have used it for years in my classes and I love it.  It has been downloaded over 900 times and has 1 review.  I would LOVE it if you see fit to review it for me.  Thanks so much!
I used to do a fun MLK breakfast each year (I was at a private school that didn't serve breakfast), but stopped last year when I switched to a school that does free and reduced breakfast.  Below is a pic of what was sent in one year when I was at my other school- my favorite was always the breakfast burritos....mmmmm.  

Makes me hungry just looking at all of it!!!
In my MLK product there is an example food/drink sign up page for parents.
May your week be full of understanding, love and peace!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Currently and a Blog Hop

I am excited to join Farley's Currently again this month.  Click on the circle below to join in the fun.

What a year!  I recently blogged about my New Year's Goals for 2016 {HERE}.  I am looking forward to all that will come my way this next year.  #Bringon2016

I love joining Farley.

Loving- I am soaking up the snuggle and fun time I am having with my kids.  Sigh.  That's that hardest part of being a working momma.  I miss them when I work.

Thinking- I began a GoFundMe to get to The Ron Clark Academy for their National Conference this summer.  I am super hopeful to get it funded.  Our district doesn't pay for that sort of thing.  Cross your fingers for me.  Anyone else out there do this sort of thing?  This is my first time doing anything like that.

Wanting- I am having a hard time being motivated to exercise consistently.

One Little Word- I am so excited for 2016.  It is going to be a great year.  I can feel it!

****Along with the currently, my NM bloggy buddies and I are hosting a Blog Hop Giveaway and each of us is giving away a freebie to all who visit our pages!  See below to check it out!  Then look at the bottom of the page to see who to hop to next!  By the way, the frames below are Rebecca B Designs.  She has great stuff.

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In the above package, I donated the Math Menus #4 and #5, St. Patrick's Day mini-unit, and My State is Beautiful pack that works for any state.  See below for a Math Menu FOREVER FREEBIE.

Inline image 3

Our rafflecopter entries are really easy.  Check it out!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here is the freebie I am giving away!  It is a Math Menu best used in October.  Click on either page to get the Google Drive link.  This is a Forever Freebie!!!
Now it's time to hop to my good friend's blog, Suzy.  She has a freebie for you as well!  Happy New Year everyone!  Don't forget to link up with Farley!!!

Your hop will end with my other bloggy friend Laura at Tchr888.  Have fun!
Happy 2016!