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Saturday, March 9, 2013

5 and Spring Break!!!


1.  Well, we are officially on Spring Break people!  Albuquerque area schools are on vacation.  Thursday and Friday were P/T conferences for my school.  The weather was pretty great too.  It was about 70 in town, 65 or so where I live (not exactly in the town of ABQ but close).  I was loving it.  Then today being my first official break/day off, I woke up and this is what I saw out my front door.  Ahhh, spring.  Birds sing, butterflies flutter, everyone wears a sweater and snow boots!!!

Well, this is not what I had in mind for "Spring" break but at least we are getting moisture.  We need a lot more or we will end up with a big fire season during the summer months if we don't get some liquids.  Soooo, that's alright.

Well, at least I could sleep in today.  There I was, sleeping super hard, when at 6 a.m. I hear my beautiful daughter singing REALLY loud- the one Disney song I don't like....those Disney fanatics like me know exactly what I am talking about ...
"It's a small world after all!"  So, I very unhappily woke up and got to my day.  Maybe tomorrow they will let me sleep.
Ok, back to my regular school related postings.

2.  Earlier posts I promised I'd get my Seuss bulletin board on here, so here it is.  The scribble marks are my way of taking off the kiddos names.  I wouldn't want someone posting my kid's work with their name on it, without my permission.  So I do the same for others.  I really like the Lorax trim.  It's a bit hard to see in the pic, but I leave up the trim of Lorax until April-ish when I do a Lorax/Environmental bb.  I LOVE that time of year- Earth Day!  Yay!  Yes, I am a tree hugger and proud of it.  :)

I love the one above, "I like this character because he is a trouble maker."  Isn't that great?  I laughed and the kiddo thought he was pretty clever.  Cute.

3.  I got a fun new rug for my room entry area.  I found it at Target for about $3.

4.  I bought a new binder specifically for organizing my blog/TpT store/ TN store.  I have Jan-Dec dividers, and will be filling it with blog notes, ideas, project notes, etc.  But for right now, it's empty.


I love this black and white pattern.  Can't wait to start my planning and organizing.

5.  I need to add to my behavior modification plans.  I have a variety of things in effect, but I am working on an added piece.  I want to highlight my student's positive points to help them make great choices.  I will be working on the "Wall of Kindness."  I do this each year, usually in the beginning of the school year, but this go 'round I want to do it now.  There are a lot of sibling behaviors occurring and I want them to start focusing on kind acts rather than- "He looked at me sideways!"  I will be doing this when we return from break.  I will post more as we get started and have something else to tell about it.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Enjoy your break. We still have two more weeks of school :)

    1. Thanks. Hope your break gets here quickly for you.

  2. Our spring break isn't until the first week of April....will it ever get here? ;) Hope you enjoy yours to the fullest! I love your idea to get your blogging ideas organized!

    Teaching Maddeness

    1. Thank you. April will be here before we know it.