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Sunday, March 3, 2013

A late 5


Well, I had 3 posts yesterday, so I figure I should do my Friday "stuff" today (Sunday), since things were so busy yesterday.

1.  I contributed a free product for a giveaway that has just started!  This is my first time doing a group giveaway, so I am excited!  There were a bunch of people signed up to give all sorts of cool things away.  If you wish to sign up, go to the blog below.  Should be quite a lot of product coming to the winner.

2.  I just connected with a fun blog site.  Diane at Fifth in the Middle, has a spot for all bloggers (depending on state) to link up.  I noticed I was the only New Mexico edu-blogger so far!  Where are all the NM peeps?!?  If you want to join your state's fellow bloggers in connecting- check out the page below.  There is a spot for all the states.  Just find your state and link up!

3.  This was Dr.Seuss week for us in 1st at my school.  It was full of fun.  I posted about it a bit yesterday.  
I hope you did all sorts of silly Seuss-a-rrific things this week too!
4.  This coming week we have 3 kid days and 2 P/T conference days.  It is our last official conferences for the year.  Makes it feel like the year is almost over!!!!  Yikes.  Too much to do.

5.  I just joined TN- Teacher's Notebook recently.  I have a link to my very minimal store on the right hand side of this blog (need to make some products soon!!!)  I already had joined TpT awhile back, but finally added TN to my "list."  
Happy Sunday everyone!

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