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Sunday, May 26, 2013


I am all finished school!  I am so excited.  The take down of the room went pretty fast too, as the kids helped.
Each year, I have the students help me sort the word wall words back into the groups I have them in, which is in a binder with make a word lessons.  I sort the groups of words into the respective lessons, and I am ready for next years words.  I just take the word off the wall, drop it on the floor, and continue until all words are down.  Then I have a ziploc bag for each lesson, labeled with the words that go to that lesson.  The kids get a bag and search for the word.  It takes no time at all.

I create a ton of staple debris in the carpets when I remove my bulletin boards.  So, I have the kids help pick out staples from the carpet by using magnets.  They actually argue over who is going to get the next staple.  It's much safer than using their fingers and a whole lot more fun.

They wash everything with wipes, including walls.  My room never smelled so good!  They help me sort and organize our letter tiles for next year's folders full of letter tiles.  They help me clean and organize the math kit boxes.  They work on helping me take staples out of the walls(some years, depends on the crew of kids and how responsible they are).  They thoroughly clean their desks and cubbies.  This includes name tag and label removal.  I will be in the same room next year, so I don't have to lug all my stuff to another place.  Yay!  

Before school ended, my kids gave their teachers their gifts.  We took about a month collecting all the stuff for it.  It turned out very cute.  Each one got a 31 bag with their name embroidered on it and a summer survival kit inside.  Below it shows all the items.  Although, the cup has a couple movie tickets in it that are hard to see.

Well, now the summer list of to-do's gets started.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Volunteer Gift and Mud Race

In our school we have room moms that are in charge of helping the teacher organize parties and various other events.  They work hard during the year!  My room mom was extra special to me this year as she happens to be my friend too.  We have known each other for awhile and I have now taught both of her boys.  They are great kids.
I wanted to do something a bit different this year.  I scoured pinterest for hours...I know, that's easy to do.  I was looking for something cute but doable!  There are some things on there that working mamas like me, don't have the time allowance for.  Wish I did, but I don't.
So, I finally came upon just the right thing.  I totally forgot to take a picture of the one I did.
Below is a blog with the picture of the plant pot.
Little Warriors   

Yesterday, I went to The Mud Factor 5K race.  The one I was most scared about out of all the 5K's I signed up for this summer.  It was just as scary as I imagined when I arrived with my dear friend Marcia.  At least we were scared together!  There were trenches with freezing cold water anywhere from ankle deep (near the beginning) and arm pit deep (at the end) to jump into and then climb out of.  There were obstacles to climb like walls with ropes (that one was super scary and hard), giant A frame structures to climb over using webs/ladders made out of rope, and giant empty trenches to jump over....and if you don't make it you bust up an ankle.  It was the most serious 5K I've ever done, but at the same time it was silly because we were all rolling around in, and falling in the mud.  We completed it and did pretty dang well by finishing within an hour.  I was proud of us.
I am sore, but proud.
Here we are in the before and after.

Phew, not sure I will do another mud 5K but now I want to do the Chunky Monkey/Cherry Garcia run.  That one sounds great...and yummy.

Happy Sunday everyone,

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zoo 5K

Well, my dogs are tired!  Dogs meaning feet.  The girls and I did the zoo 5K today.  It was fun.  We also parked a mile away from the zoo, as it was busy.  Then we walked for hours, around the zoo.  We probably trekked about 10 miles today.  So, needless to say, we are exhausted.  Well, the girls will sleep well tonight.

After all that, I am eating a BIG piece of rich chocolate cake, ahhhhh, yummmm.  Nothing like undoing that good walking.

Here are my girls in front of the polar bears after the race.

What cuties.

Well, with the end of school coming I expect to finally get more items in my TPT store.  I am excited to get to that.

I am working on my room mom present right now.  I looked all over pinterest and found a million great ideas.  I will be posting the final product soon.  Anyone out there have great room parent/volunteer presents that you make?  

Enjoy your week,

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Currently May!

Phew, well May has come and I am excited for all the possibilities that will come at the end of May.  Lots of time with my kids, lots of time to plan out my next year, lots of time to organize files, and lots of time to be a mom!  I am excited for the summer to come but at the same time there is a lot to get done before the summer break.

Well here is my currently for the month of May.  Always glad to hook up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade.
Oh' boy fourth grade

Little more detail.....
Wanting- I am hopeful that my students this year will do a bang up job when they enter 2nd grade.  I have worked very hard this year on all that I could with each little kiddo.  I have tried my best, as I do each year, and now can only hope my hard work payed off and that the kiddos will enter 2nd with a sparkle.

Needing- Tomorrow I will go to my 2nd out of 3 of the 5K's that I have signed myself up for these couple months.  This one is Run For The Zoo and my girls will be running (walking) with me.  It's a very relaxed run/walk 5K and should be loads of fun.  We do it every year and love it.  At the end of the run we walk around the zoo and get lunch there.  It's always a load of fun.

Bucket list-  We will be camping galore all summer.
We are camping our way from NM to Idaho and then to Montana to visit family.  
We also plan on spending time at the pool for swim lessons and just swimming fun.  

OH, so much fun to come!!!

Happy May Everyone,