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Saturday, January 19, 2013

MLK Day- I have a dream!

Phew, what an interesting week.  I had my first day out of school this year- sick as can be.  We actually had a 2 hr delay for snow on another day....that is VERY rare for my school.  It does not snow in ABQ often, but it is the hight it is possible....sometimes. 

Back to the topic:
Well, we loved "I have a dream" day in first grade.  We always have a great time with this cute event.  All week long we have been talking, reading, writing, and learning about MLK Jr. and a few other people who have made big changes in our country.  We wrote about our dreams to make our community, country, and world a better place.  The children thought of all sorts of great ideas.  They had a fun time brain storming ideas.  My favorite one was "We could give people houses who don't have them."  We then discussed why this wasn't feasable, but it created the question- then how do we help?

After brainstorming our ideas we wrote rough copies of ideas for our dreams and how we would make them come true.  I find the the second part, the how, very important.  I feel it's important for the kiddos to know that no dream comes to fruition without hard work. 

We transfered those ideas onto very cute bubble shaped dream clouds.  We used a big blue poster board to place the dreams onto.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of the bulletin board to show you.  I don't know where the page came from (so can't post).  So I made a new and different one to share with you. 

Friday we came to school in jammies (to dream).  I left the lights off, and we presented our dreams to each other.  The parents sent in all sorts of yummy breakfast items for us like breakfast burritos (this is a big thing in NM), doughnuts, juice, yogurt tubes, etc.  We had breakfast as a class and enjoyed a delicious and dreamy morning!  It's always wonderful.  See the spread of yummy food below!

I had requested the breakfast items from parents a few weeks in advance.  I am super lucky to have such supportive families who want to help as much as they do.  Below is the sheet I used to collect the "votes" on food/drinks.  Click on the link to "grab" it.  It is capable of being edited to suit your needs.  Although, it is my first time placing editable items on the blog, so please email me if there is a problem and I will try again.  :)

All of these great ideas for the Dream Day were created/started by my amazing colleagues.  I work with very creative, rock star teachers.  Thank you Caroline and Colette for being you!

Happy MLK day and have a super great 3 day weekend!

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