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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday Flashback and Five


Flashback and Five:

I'm linking up (late) again.  Here are the five things from the week I want to highlight.

1.  My daughters did an amazing job this week at a HUGE musical our school put together.  I also was proudly watching my 1st graders in it too!  My eyes were looking everywhere, ha!  Here is a pic of my own kids as I don't like posting my student pics.

2.  We had an extra short week as we not only missed Monday for MLK, we also had half of Thurs away from school for our dress rehearsal of the musical at a church.  So, we were cramming in all sorts of things in odd places of the day.  Right before dismissal, we were practicing our math facts with giant blow-up dice that have facts all over them.  They toss the cube, and when they catch it they solve the fact that is under their right thumb.  They did this in small groups.  We will be starting timed math fact tests on Tuesday.  
Sorry- forgot to take pictures.  I'll try to get a pic of the dice soon and post it.

3.  My plan book is almost empty for next that's what I'll be doing this weekend.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get a few weeks ahead now that the musical is done.  

4.  In math, we have been working on Unit 4 in the Everyday Math program.  I have been using my math menu that I have posted in TpT to extend/support the unit.  I use it with the kids during small groups.  If you want to look at it, click on either of the pics below.

5.  We began our big winter writing project this week.  Our outline is finished and we will move onto the rough copy this coming week.  I will post a picture of some outlines and rough copies next week.  

Happy weekend,


  1. Looks like y'all had a busy and productive week! Your daughters are just adorable! :)

    Teaching Maddeness

    1. Yes it was pretty nutty this past week, but all should be fairly back to normal with a full week and our regular schedule.
      Thank you, I am very lucky to have such fun daughters.