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Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a week!


Once again, I am joining the Five for Friday.
Click the button above to join the fun with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  Really fun blog to read!

1.  I had a day off this week and I wasn't sick!!!  I was able to go on my 3rd grade daughter's field trip.  It was fun being a mom for a day.  I don't get enough of those days.  They grow so quickly.

2.  On Valentine's Day the kiddos had fun with reading their notes, eating treats, drinking juice, and enjoying each other's company.  Although, this was the day I had off- so I am going by my plans I left...and my guest teacher's notes.  :)  That's right, I had off on V-day!!!  Don't be too jealous, I still acted like a teacher that day, but with bigger kids.  

3.  I put up the snow globe activities we did with our buddies last week AND got a picture of them to show you how cute they turned out.  I did some research and found the download I had gotten ages ago.  Click the top picture below to go to Ginger Snaps for the Teacher.  There you may get a free download page too.

4.  One of my sweet kiddos gave me a necklace from their home- China.  It means teacher.  I LOVE it.  

5.   I will be doing many presidential/patriotic/american symbols type activities in the coming week.  I will be using the items below that I snagged as a freebie from Fluttering Through First Grade.  Click on the picture below to get it yourself.

It is a great product!  I got it earlier in the year and knew exactly when I was going to use it.

Happy 3 Day Weekend!


  1. That necklace is beautiful. I bet the kiddo that gave it to was smiling from ear to ear! Love how sweet little ones can be and how they seem to always think of everyone around them. Thanks for mentioning that America freebie. I planning a few things next week and need to take a peek at what that has to offer.


    1. Glad that was helpful.

      Yes, she was so excited to give it to me. She's a great kid!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Looks like a fun week! Glad you were able to take a day off and go on a field trip with your daughter. :)