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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Still skipping ahead of myself

Show us how you store your teacher resource materials:
Here I have my phonics books waiting to be passed out.

This is a cabinet where I keep some of my personal books that I have purchased.

This is an area where I keep materials for reading group.

This is how I store extra letter tiles for make-a-word.  When a kiddo says "I can't find my d!"  I have many extras handy.  This way we don't spend 20 min searching in their desk, where the tile is usually hiding.

Soon I will post the pics of the desk that I have been working super hard on cleaning up!  I will eventually get to week 5.  :)



  1. I love the book bins! Did you recover or purchase them? I can see myself using different colors for each subject. Good Luck on the desk. I finished mine earlier in the week, but I have been on break. Let's see how I can maintain the new look. Thank you for the motivation!

    1. I got them from Oriental Trading. They came in multicolor packs only...I only wanted the green ones, but I made use of all.
      Thanks for dropping by!