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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Show and Tell Tues

If you wish to join the show and tell click on the pic above.  Thanks "Sunny Days in Second Grade!"

The show and tell this week is about literacy centers.  I love literacy centers.  There are so many cool things you can do.  I have a few things I do on a frequent basis with different words/themes per week.  I also have some games and activities that I do infrequently.

Here are some of those ideas.

I have students use voc words each week from the reading group story that we are doing to write and stamp their words.

I have students listen to the stories on cd with headphones, whisper read with "whisper-ma-phones," and read to a buddy.  We also do a word sort of the grammar theme- ex. dipthong oi and oy words to sort.

I like the games bananagrams, voc words rainbow roll and write (I got it from A Cupcake for the Teacher blog), and Scrabble Slam (card game).

Those are a few things I use for my center switches.  I also have decent sized writing jobs for each Tues-Thurs.  The jobs go along with the reading group theme, as well as the style of story- expository, report, etc.

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. I have never heard of scramble slam and banagrams. These are two games I'm for sure going to have to check out. Thank you so much for some great suggestions.
    The Hive