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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year/ 100th Day


1,  We had our 100th day on Thursday.  It was like a race to get everything finished.  I had found so many fun new ideas on all the great blogs I read, that we actually ran out of time to finish it all.  We had to extend our super dooper fun to Friday.  They did not mind at all!
Below it shows some new ideas I used and some old ones that my coworkers had given me.

Doorway to enter room.

This is a frame for taking the kids pictures.  

Each year we use the checklist to help the kids keep track of what 100's things they need to complete.
We also use the writing paper for a variety of ideas.  This year it was to write as many words out of the
word Hundred as they could.  

2.  Chinese New Year is today so we had to finish our Chinese New Year writing for our bulletin board.  Each child had 2-4 pages of writing...I had to staple it on top only, so people could flip through the pages.

I took these pictures before all the writings were on it- I didn't want to forget to take the picture.  It looks better with the other writings but... I'm sure you can imagine more of the same style packs of writing on the board.

The kids really liked the dragon I put up in the hallway where they enter the building.

3.  We had our 4th grade buddies come and visit us Friday.  We always do a writing activity, snack, and something crafty.  This time, I used the "If I lived in a snow globe with my buddy I would..."  I used the idea from one of the awesome bloggers, but I don't remember who!!!  I just had the kids add the words "with my buddy" to each of their papers to make it work for us.  I did not take a pic but will try to soon.  They turned out very cute.  

4.  My parents are visiting for the weekend from Idaho.  I'm glad to see them.

5.  We finished a very big expository writing piece on winter...finally.  I know there are 3 missing in the pic.  They didn't get theirs finished until last minute on Fri.  I had to get the pic way before that.  Sorry for the sunlight glare.

Have a great week!  Happy Chinese New Year. 



  1. I love the picture frame. I am your newest follower. Enjoy your parents.

    The First Grade Princess

  2. Thank you. I saw the idea on another blog, but did it differently than they had it. It was fun.
    Thanks for stopping by!