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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Break, Dojo, #BestSchoolDay, and a Get Together

#1 Spring Break
Hello Everyone!  I am on spring break right now and just got back from the best, quick vacation in San Diego.  It was so much fun.  We went to the beach, which being a New Mexico person for 13 years and originally a Maryland person (where I grew up my entire life prior to moving to NM) always is wonderful!  I love the beach.  I grew up going to the beach every summer, almost.  I lived about 3 hrs from the coast for most of my life.  NM has very small areas of water sources- man made lakes and ponds and such.  There is the Rio Grande...but who wants to get in that?!?!   

My kids did not want to leave when it was time.  Poor desert kids, they love the water so much and rarely get to be at the beach... if only NM had a real shore.
We went to the San Diego Zoo and only did a day's worth of exploring.  We plan on going back to do more another time.  The best part...was when my super quirky 9 yr old saw her favorite animal of all time- The Fennec Fox.  It put its head down when I took the pictures, but oh my gosh, is it adorable.
I loved that my kids already knew that there are warm weather penguins (African Penguins)... everyone around the exhibit did not and it was funny to hear everyone surprised about it.  Yay for learning!
My kids swam and swam and swam at every pool we could.  We don't have a pool at home- just a hot tub.  So, when they can stretch their swimming muscles, they do!

#2 Dojo
I will be presenting with other teacher blog friends at our NM get together (see #4) this weekend.  I requested from ClassDojo some swag.  As it is a small get together, I didn't expect to get anything this time.  So, I was shocked that this came in the mail!!!  In the box were several bags and stickers to give out to the teacher bloggers who attend this weekend.  It also came with a handwritten postcard from Jenna over at Class Dojo.  I knew her name right away because I see it on my Dojo mentor emails that are sent from her.  Thanks Jenna- you rock!
#3 Best School Day
I had recently been funded on my Donor's Choose project request page.  I was beyond thrilled when I got the email saying my request was fully funded.  The wobble chairs I wanted came right before break.  Score!  The kids were crazy excited to try them out.  Since I know someone might ask- it was superhero day when I took this picture.

#4 Get Together
As mentioned in #2, I said there is a NM Teacher Blogger get together this weekend.  It will be held at a private residence and not a hotel as our numbers are small and we want to make it a quiet retreat.
There is a limit to how many people may attend, due to parking space.  Please be sure to see below to sign up.

Possible discussions or presentations for the evening:
*ClassDojo, Behavior Tips, and Family Communication
*Social Media for teachers such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, etc.
*Teachers Pay Teachers
*GoNoodle and Student Motivation
*Technology in the Classroom
*S.T.E.M. themed activities
*Helping Struggling Readers
Presenters for the event:
**Suzy Palmer from On The Go Teacher Mama
**Laura Bryant from Tchr888
**Amy Chevalier from Albuquerque Amy and Academics
This will be a fun and casual event.  To sign up, click {HERE} or on the picture below.
You do not have to be a blogger or be a New Mexican to attend.  You can be a blog-stalker, teacher, or even a teacher in training.  Those who attend may possibly get some of the items below.  
I am in process of creating some bath bombs and homemade chapsticks (natural ingredients) to add to the items below.  I love being crafty and I actually have a little time for it since it is spring break!  
We hope you are able to attend this blog get together.  
Happy end of March!!!  

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