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Saturday, March 19, 2016

5 for Friday...

It's been awhile since I have linked up with Doodle Bugs for a 5 for Friday list.

My bloggy buddies and I are organizing a Blog Meet Up for NM teachers.  We are very excited.  It will be a lot of fun and there will be some great presentations!!!  Click on the above picture to check out the FB page that shows what we will be doing.  Check out my blog post about it here.

I LOOOOOVE Indian food.  On Sunday, we went to one of my favorite places to get some awesome food.  I was super excited when I realized they had pakoras!  Mmmm, delicious.

I don't know if you can see it, but there is a bird on the bottom left-hand side of this bird feeder.  This feeder is hanging on my class window.  Yes, this is our view outside the window- it's pretty because I live and work in the mountains outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.  My view last year was much more beautiful though.  It was of the giant mountain that we have near our school.  It was lovely.  I moved classrooms though.  Anyway, back to the bird.  We are learning about plants and animals right now and we put up a bird feeder (thanks to our STEM teacher) to encourage bird visits for observations.  The first bird that visited made the entire class yell "MRS. CHEVALIER, THERE IS A BIRD AT OUR WINDOW!!!!"  This was in the middle of math.  So, I froze and slowly went over to the window to snag this picture of the first bird.  They were super excited.  

 Isn't that funny that this kiddo thinks a home costs $100.  Cute.
 I was proud of the above writing.  This kiddo has struggled all year and has made such great progress.  He did this work all on his own.
 So nice that this kid is going to share.
 "I would be rich of gold."  Funny.
 I'm not sure what decades of jewels means but it sounds good to me.  I like that they would get a pot of chocolate too, my kind of kid!
We took some time on Thursday to celebrate some St. Patty's Day fun.  I used a tiny pot and plastic coins to encourage good behavior.  When each group of 2-3 kids had 10 coins, they earned a super bouncy ball and 2 of the plastic coins.
We read about St. Patty's Day with the DogoNews website.  It's kid's current events and I love it!  We do at least one story a week from it.  This week it was 2.  The other current event we talked about was Earth Hour!  Check it out.  I encouraged my class to do Earth Hour tonight.  You should try it too.  :)

Nothing like a visit from firefighters and forest service folks to end the week.  Being mountain people, like we are, we have great connections with the forest service.  There is a program that allows them to come in once a month to present great info to the kinder and 1st grade kids about our mountain environment and how to keep it beautiful and healthy.  It's excellent info.  This is the big event though- the kids go crazy for this one.  They are so excited to get inside the fire truck, here the sirens, handle the hose, look at all the tools from the trucks, and hear the funny stories from the fire and forest folks.  

Busy week!  Next week is our last week before break.  I am super tired and am really ready for having a nice spring break with my family.  So, I will have to come up with some fun events for the coming week to keep up the energy and keep the kids focused on learning.

Have a great weekend!

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