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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Slideshow and Currently

Near the bottom I have the Currently, but had a couple things to show first.

#1  I was perusing the blogs I love and was reading one of my favorites- Amy Lemons (although now I am not teaching 2nd I won't be able to use her amazing TpT products, super sad face).
While reading her latest post, I was reminded about the fact that I never posted about my end of the year dvd.  Below are some of the slides I made for my dvd.


Seems many people make dvds now, and I have been doing it for awhile also.  I began when the idea was introduced to me by my daughter's first grade teacher.  Then the next year, I taught 1st and was able to make one with the help of my colleagues.  I have changed my methods over the years and perfected things to my liking.  I use the previous year's power pt header slides to save time and make new ones for any new activities or events that started that year.  Anyway, Amy Lemons referenced another blogger who does a wonderful video of how to use the same program I use.  If you are interested in seeing her video, head over to Little Warriors and watch the video on the page.  Katie Mense does a great job of explaining it.

#2  I have to tell you about something I did this summer with my computer desktop!!!  It's so clever (of Charity, who runs the blog- The Organized Classroom).  She uses custom desktop organizers for her computer wallpaper.  What does this mean?  See below for the results of my custom design I decided on after using her video tutorial!!!  (FYI- there are 2 screens because I have 2 monitors, don't hubby is super techy and I pretend I am too).

For her tutorial she used several shapes and different colors/designs.  For me, I felt the chevron was busy enough and my brain was not happy with several varieties of things to look at.  If you are still unsure what all that above is about- imagine your computer....the files on your desktop.....those get dragged into the spaces based on "theme".  For example, where it says professional- I dragged all my files that relate to my professional life that did not belong with math/literacy into their...proof of PD, my resume, memos from the principal, district "news", etc to that area.  I spent days organizing my entire computer.  It took me that long as I have just always downloaded a million things and left it in the download file on my desktop.  Terrible, I know- well now I have a place for everything and there is no excuse for "losing" a file anymore.  

I am super late for Farley's Currently!  I was on vacation and just got back.  I will post a little of that at a later date.  It was super fun!
I love that Farley always does such fun does she always do such cute things?  If you want to join in the fun, click {HERE}.
Listening- We just got back from 2 weeks of a cross country driving vacation....soooo much laundry to do now.

Thinking- I can never get enough summer time with my little girls.  It is especially hard this summer as my oldest will be going to middle school this year....mama is so not ready.  

Needing- I have so much to do in my classroom and the 1st day for teachers is Aug 7th!  So, I have to get on organizing and bulletin boards.  That way, when the first day of pd comes, I will be better prepared to do paperwork instead of worrying about the room.

All Star- I work so hard all the time.  If someone needs help, they know that if they ask me, I will help.  This then leads to the chocolate part of the answer... you know, stress eating!  Always so much to do leads to stress galore.  I am really going to try to slow that down this year.  

Thanks for reading!


  1. Gahhh.... I have been wanting to customize my desktop. I have to do this right now. I love your chevron. I feel like seeing that when my screen pops up would make me happy every time - LOL! It's the little things, right?!?!

    1. Absolutely- the little things make us happy.

  2. I'm loving the warm weather also! Wish summer would never end :)

    Cait's Cool School

  3. OMG... I wish I could go back to dry, hot summers. Summer here in Florida is killing me! One of the reasons I am definitely ready for summer to be over.

    What do you do to get bulletin boards ready at your house? I was thinking of putting up paper and then the main standards because what do you really put up before you have student work?


    1. Florida heat is definitely no fun!
      Yes, paper/borders/titles, etc. The kid work does come later but I also do "starter" boards that just have quick intros to what we will be learning in the various academic areas. I don't like empty boards.