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Saturday, July 25, 2015

2nd week

Ok, folks.  Week 2 of the 4 week challenge (a little early, but I have time right this minute to post).

I worked on thinning out the girls' rooms with them.  We gave away 2 giant bags to Goodwill, yay!  The rooms are nice and clean and they know where everything is now.

Here are the before and after:
Before- yikes!
Before- what in the world?!?!

Phew, that took several of our hours to get it all done.  I can't believe how much stuff my kids have.  What's funny is, we don't really buy them stuff (because we always complain about how much they have).  Other people give them tons of things (which I am not upset about, we are always appreciative of that) but it adds up really fast!  I even have the rule- when stuff comes in, stuff goes out.  But I guess I hadn't been paying attention to all of the items coming in and it got overwhelming again.   
Now, their rooms are ready for the new year.  Ahhh.  Nice.

Please join in the linky below and show off your progress!!!!

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  1. It looks like you and your girls have been busy! I refuse to buy any more hangers for my closet, so if something comes in and needs a hanger, I guess something needs to go out too.

    A Very Curious Class