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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dance Fan

Ok, this post is unrelated to teaching....feel free to ignore if you wish, just had to share my fun day!

I started dancing when I was 3.  I took a ballet and tap class.  My favorite part was the parasols we got to spin.  :)  My teacher's name was Mrs. Comb...yes, I still remember her name.  I immediately knew that dance was my thing.  If you know anything about dance....just like any other hobby/activity/sport it is costly and time consuming (costumes, classes, driving, etc).  Well, I didn't get to always dance.  I could do it sometimes.  Then by high school, I had done various styles and had many years of enjoying it.  I was on the drill team/dance team for 2 of my 4 years in high school (I wasn't allowed to do all 4- my mom and dad worked many hours).  I danced some in college and almost double majored (early childhood and dance) but it would've added a couple years to my undergrad....and I was not wishing to do that.
As an adult I was in and out of dance classes as I had time between working and life.  I have always loved dance.  I am not great at it, just love it.  Anyway, I am a big fan of all dance shows....and if you are too, the picture below will freak you out as much as it did me!!!

I had the opportunity to do Louis Van Amstel's dance/exercise class called LaBlast in ABQ.  He was awesome!  I had the best time and almost died...but I think I smiled the whole time.  He was super nice and let us all take pics with him.  It was a master class...but I haven't danced in a few years...hence the almost dying part.  I didn't care.  I heard he was coming and I signed up because I had to do it!  I mean how many times would I get that opportunity, right?!?!
Well all I have to say is, put yourself out there.  It is worth it.  

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