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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ahhhhh, I'm not ready for Currently!!!!

Well, ready or not, here is December.  Ok, so we have our tree up and it's decorated.  My house has smatterings of Christmas...but I already feel like I am hurrying and it's only the 3rd day of December!

Breath....enjoy.  That is what I need to do.  So, I will try.
See below to join in on Farley's fun.

Listening and loving are self explanatory.  
Thinking- My oldest is on her 3rd round of strep throat.  She is now on mega-antibiotics.  Poor thing has missed a bunch of school and keeps going through the roller coaster of better, not better.  Hopefully this batch of meds will do the trick.  My youngest is having asthma issues right now and is not sleeping, hence I am not sleeping either.  She has mild asthma but it flares up every now and again.

Giving- at my school we are doing Secret Santa amongst the teachers/staff.  I am excited to get started and surprise my person with fun things.  

Happy December!


  1. Hi Amy!
    Just found your cute blog through Farley's linky.
    Very sorry to hear your kids are under the weather. Strep is awful!
    Good luck with the Xmas shopping. I'm usually really late with mine but hope to get it started sooner this year.
    Happy Christmas!

    Barbara Leyne Designs

  2. So sorry to hear your kiddos don't feel good -- it's so hard to watch them suffer and not really be able to do anything to help. :(

    I am right there with you on needing Starbucks! Hoping my Keurig can keep up with me today! ;)

    - Candice from Innovate. Motivate. Educate.

  3. Love the title of your blog and look! Found you over at Farley's Currently for December :) I wish we were doing a Secret Santa at work! Sounds so fun!!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  4. I can relate to the asthma. My 3 year old son has asthma triggered by colds so every time he has a cold he and I don't get much sleep. I'm so sorry both of them are sick. Talk about a double whammy! I just got my Starbucks order yesterday so I am enjoying having my peppermint mocha via around!
    Happy December!
    Joya :)