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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Top 14 of '14 linky

I am joining the 2014 linky below.  Feel free to click and join along.  I love their blog!
Dragonflies in First
I did the numbers counting up instead of down.  
Not on purpose- it's just how it loaded on to the page and I decided to go with it!

The biggest change this year occurred for my daughters and I.  We switched schools.  We had been working/attending a private school for a very long time.  We switched to a public school close to our home.  This was a hard decision but the girls are doing well and I am learning the routines and procedures.  It is completely different than what I am used to- in all manners and aspects.  So, it has been tricky but I enjoy the lovely people I work with and am learning so much about technology.  Next year will probably be a breeze and I will be able to throw my own twist into the daily ins and outs.
 Oh boy, there are a good many goals for the new year.  Most importantly, I would like to continue to find ways to get more family time.  It has been a tricky year for that.
 Phew.  I don't know.  2014 was a busy year.  Maybe seeing my kids do all their tv and media appearances- they are little actresses.  Our whole family gets to do a local commercial shoot next week.  Tehe! :) It should be fun with all of us doing it.
My 2 beautiful daughters

I think at the end of our school year, it will be my favorite accomplishment having taught 2 grades in 1 year, in 1 classroom.  It is definitely the most challenging thing I have ever done in education.
I think it was one of my recent ones.  It took a lot of work to go through and create the STEM parties that we do for our holidays.  We had one for fall/Halloween and one for Winter/Christmas.

STEM Engineering Challenge Novel Pack ~ Harry Potter & the
Click the pic above to go to the TpT site where this came from.  This began the whole thought process for the STEM themed holiday parties (and the fact that I work at a STEM school).  I took it from there and used ideas found on the web and my own variations and creations.

Ohhhh, I am so excited about this!  I have been saying all school year - "I'm not getting enough sleep; I'm not eating right; I need more time!!!!"  So, I wanted to get this cool fitbit wrist band/watch/tracker thing-a-mo-bob that keeps track of it all!  I got the Charge.  It tells the time, has alarms (so I don't forget to line kids up at certain times...who me???) counts calories burned, stairs climbed, steps walked, distance walked in miles, etc.  I am also tracking/logging food with it as well.  The best part: it tracks my sleep with no help from me.  I sleep with it on and it tells me the amount of restless sleep times/wake times I had in the night, the time I went to bed and woke up, and how much good sleep I got.  I have used it only 2 days and I am fascinated!!  The interesting part should come when I go back to school and get very little sleep.  My hope: this will give me good incentive to take my health more seriously.  I will have data to back up when I need to force myself to put down the plans/grading and GO TO BED!!!
At the beginning of this school year, as I mentioned, I moved schools.  Well, the way this new school works out the backpack spacing/spots is new to me.  At first I thought, well this is weird- keeping the backpacks in the hallway on hooks, but if everyone else does it and it works for them.....I'll do it.
Well, my room didn't have a hook system so my awesome hubby made one for me before school started.  Since we live in the Emtns of the Albuquerque, NM area- he made the hooks into a big rattle snake!  He's so good.

I have several.
Flying Star- amazing desserts!  Flying Star Cafe | Life is what you bake of it.

Taj Palace- super yummy Indian food.  buffet.jpg

P.F. Chang's- ohhh my, those lettuce wraps!!  P.F. Chang's Menu

The Melting Pot fondue restaurant- for a very needed friend's night out once a year or 2.  The Melting Pot Cheese Fondue Menu
So You Think You Can Dance, although- I wish I could really dance.  It is something I have done my whole life but am not very good at it.  I just wish I were a prima ballerina!!!
I love Sonya Tayeh and Napoleon and Tabitha.  They are so good at what they do.

Oh my goodness!  I LOVED this movie.  I have only read the first book.  I can't wait to go through the whole series...this summer..... when I have time!
Image result for hunger games mockingjay
Holy Cow, folks.  I just got some amazing new boots and shoes from the Dillards after Christmas sale and this has to be my favorite foot-wear for the year.  Eek, can't wait to wear them!

I don't really do quote "stuff" a lot.  I like quotes and find them fun to read, but don't have any that I live by.  BUT if I were to choose one that I need to be more like, it would be the one below.  I tend to be a people pleaser and forget to treat myself with care.
Dr Seuss Quote

Happy New Year Everyone!

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  1. I Want a FITBIT so bad!!! Well the "surge" one really! Loved reading your post! Happy New Year to you too...... I'm still procrastinating with my blogposts (that are pending) and TPT products I'm working on!! Ugh! Happy New Year to you!