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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cyber sale

Hi there folks....sigh.  Sleep is so wonderful, isn't it?!?  I actually had a great night of sleep due to being on BBBBBRRRRRREEEEAAAKKKK!  Wahoo!

Well, I am going to join in with many other TpT folks and hold a Cyber Sale on my entire store.

Monday and Tuesday I had conferences.  After my conferences were finished on Tuesday I had about 3 hours to work on my room before I had to leave.  I spent almost all of it on my closet!  I had said I would post before and after pictures....but I forgot to do the before picture!  Ugh.  I remembered when I had 90% of the closet emptied.  So, there are during and after pics below.  
 Ooops, I just remembered to take a picture.

 All my closet stuff on the floor being sorted into groups.

I finished sorting and put all items back in spaces that made sense for me.  I have 2 grades this year, so I have a 1st grade and 2nd grade side to keep my materials straight.  I also sorted based on curriculum/subject.  Later, when I have more time I will label it all.  For now, it is good enough and much more accessible/findable.

I am going to fill up my online cart now.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. I am SO jealous of your closet space! I have a tall, U-G-L-Y burnt orange cabinet to store my stuff in. I hope your conferences went well! Enjoy your time at home with your family.

    1. It is the best closet I have ever had! I hope you have a great turkey day. :)