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Saturday, December 20, 2014

GingerSTEM Man

We had a fun party in my class.  We read a variety of versions of The Gingerbread Man leading up to the party.  We discussed them in great detail.  We talked about our favorites.  But in the end- we had a GingerSTEM Man party!  Since I teach at a STEM school, I threw in STEM to our ginger fun!
The stations were as follows:
Graph decorations-
The kids decorated a gingerbread person of their own and graphed the resulting candies they used.  Then they got to eat the character they made.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find large gingerbread men to decorate so they did 2 small ones.  Technically, I could have baked them....but who has time for that?!?!?
Help the Fox-
Poor misunderstood Fox.  He needs help.  So, we helped him catch the GingerSTEM Man.  This station needed more time- so next year I may format a bit differently.
Help the GingerSTEM Man cross the river-
He never wants to get wet, so we created boats to sail him across the river.
Soluble or In-Soluble-
We help GingerSTEM find the best candies to decorate with so he does not melt as fast in the water.  This station went the fastest and the kids had a bit of trouble waiting to watch the effect of the water on the candy.  Patience is hard.  When the kids were done observing, they got to go and eat some of our food that was brought in by the families.
I also filmed the kids doing parts in a video in front of a green screen.  My hubby created the background, put the parts in order and so forth.  I had the easy part of filming the kiddos and making up the lines.  The video was to introduce the party and explain the stations. 

Hope your end of December parties and activities were fun!

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