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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hey you turkey!

Well, I am in the midst of report cards....and it's time to get a little distracted with anything but report cards...ha!

We are all talking turkey in our rooms these days.  My class is discussing a variety of info about Thanksgiving.  I made a book for 1st grade a year or so ago that I am using again this year with my 1st grade.  If you click the picture below it will take you to the packet- it is a free product.



  1. Hi Amy! I was just nominated for the Liebster Award and now I am nominating you! Click this link and follow the directions to accept the award. If you've already had this award, sorry! :)
    Heather from Mrs. Renz’ 4th Grade Class

    1. I have been nominated before, but thank you for thinking of me and my little blog-a-roo!

  2. Hi Amy, I found your blog through the state link up on Fifth in the Middle. I'm looking for an elementary teacher in New Mexico to participate in a postcard exchange. Would you or maybe someone on your campus be interested in exchanging postcards with teachers from the other 49 states? If you are interested or know someone on your campus that would be interested, please email me at I've been trying to find a NM person for awhile :).

    The Learning Chambers