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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Long time

Well, just when I thought I was done with the wrist stuff... I ended up getting off the sling and non-washable splint and traded it out for this- cutey......insert sarcastic voice.
I put it next to some Easter stuff to make it look less blah.  I'm calling it my fancy glove.

It's a removable splint that I don't have to wear 24/7 but anytime I might need reminders that I have to take it easy or when I need support.  It's the same thing folks who have carpal tunnel use.  It is great that I can take it off though!  It will be around for 4-6 weeks. Sooo, it makes typing tricky.  That is my excuse about not posting a lot, and I'm sticking to it!  No seriously though, I will keep doing the best I can.

I just checked out GoNoodle and I love it!  I don't have a smart board at school, so I am trying to configure something so I can bring it to school.  I REALLY want to use it in class.  They would flip their lids!

Check it out and have some fun!

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