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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Schools out for summer!

Phew, what a blur of a month! This Thursday was the students' last day of school and Friday was my last day.  I am ending a chapter of my life and beginning a new one.  I will no longer be at the school I have been connected to in one way or another for 12 years.  When I moved to NM from Maryland, 12 years ago, I got a job at a wonderful private school.  I taught there for several years than took time off to have my children.  When my oldest was going into K and my youngest was old enough for preschool, I came back to my current school.  It was great, but the commute then became...different.  It wasn't such a small issue anymore.  I live in the mtns and ABQ gets no ever.  So, when I'd have a foot of snow and all schools out by me were closed for 2 days, my in town school had a little rain, maybe.  So, I'd have to brave the weather, with my children in tow.  It was not fun.  The other aspect of a commute with 2 girls is that they would start to yell at each other from exhaustion, stress and it just created a terrible pattern of: get in car, yell, feel horrible, get out of car.  I was done.  I mean really DONE.  The other factor that spurred us was that my oldest will be going to middle school out by us as we can't do the private middle-high schools in ABQ.  I'm already stretched to the limit with what I was doing.  So, we felt this was the year to switch to Emtn schools so my oldest could make friends before entering middle school.  We will have our girls at a wonderful public school near our home.  I am currently trying to get a position there as well, but we will see what happens.  I am out of the swing for public schools- but it is where I started my teacher journey (although it was back East).  I am hopeful to be at this new (to us) school.  I love being at the same school as my kids.  It's the biggest perk to being a teacher-mama.

About a week ago, I got a package in the mail.  My dear blogger buddy sent it to me.  Thank you Melissa!  Check out the cute things she sent me.  Click the picture to go to her blog.

Thank you Melissa, you rock!

On the last day of school I got a ton of flowers.  I love them all!!!!  I put them all on my table, and it looked like a florist shop, ha!  I had such amazing families this year.  THANK YOU!

On my last day, yesterday, I had a parent from my class ask if one of the kiddos could come back and say good bye again.  I said, of course.  This is one of my kiddos who would go with the flow and not much got him down.  His mom told me he was crying a lot because he missed me already!  So when he came by he gave me this adorable card.  FYI- the math problems are there because he was one of those kiddos who could do math facts in a flash.  Look at the bottom right corner.  :( 

I will miss my little sweeties.  When is your last day?

I hope your end of the year goes beautifully!

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  1. You should be able to get a job with APS because so many teachers are leaving. Good luck! You have to do what's best for your family.