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Friday, November 1, 2013

Anything Else?!?!


Here are the ladies I work with this year in 1st at our parade.  It's a candid picture while we are walking.  I am the short one on the right.  You may notice a squirrel on some of our shoulders.  We had a crazy visitor in our building this year...I named him Chomper.  It was a crazy squirrel that we had to scare out of our rooms.  It was nutty...ha!  Anyway, we decided a squirrel was a funny replacement for a pirates parrot.

My girls at our character parade.  My oldest is Susan the Brave from the Narnia series.  She loves archery.  My youngest- I kept asking "What does the fox say?  Pow, pow, pow!"


Our kids had their pumpkins on display with their storybooks.  They turned out really cute.


We had our NM was it a busy day.  I have a pic of my daughter doing the Hat Dance and our class pinata.


My kids finished their fall expository writing a bit ago.  They had them on the board for parents to check out during our fiesta.  Each child wrote about 4 pages worth of information.

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun!!!!