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Saturday, November 9, 2013

50th Day of school/Veterans/Pilgrims

Time for 5 for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching- on a Saturday.


We had our 50th day of school!  For the first time in our first grade, we had 50's Day.  It was soooo much fun.  Below are the 1st grade teachers I work with.  I am the one on the right.

My youngest got to be a part of the fun day.  She is in 1st grade with me- although not my class.
My coworker and I sewed a ton of skirts for the special day.  Below are my 20 skirts made from felt or fleece.  I made my skirt out of fleece too.  I was still freezing though!  
My students did all sorts of fun stuff- like make words with the words in root beer floats, write the steps to make a float, eat a float, 50's games, dances, etc.  We used a variety of fun activities from the 50th Day of School Unit from Jessica Travis and Cruisin' Through the 50 First Days of School by Cara Carroll.  Click on the teacher-authors names to check out the packets...they are very cute.
Veterans Day is Monday.  We have a wonderful presentation at our school on that day (pics to come soon)...that's right, we go to school that day.  That's OK though, the ceremony is so beautiful, it's worth missing the day off.  We get a week for Thanksgiving so, it all works out anyway.  
I have a free Veterans Unit that you may want to check out.  Click on the picture below.  It has over 5,000 downloads!!!! I can't believe that!  Fun stuff!
One of my 1st grade teacher-friends, is the one who helps organize the Veterans Day ceremony.  Every year, we have special speakers.  This year it will be the Governor of NM!!!  The school is a buzz about this special speaker.  
I have begun my Pilgrim booklet in class with my kiddos.  I made the booklet last year.  If you wish to download it for free, click the picture below.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. We just had our 50th day, too, but we didn't do anything cool like you did. I love the poodle skirts!

    Sally from Elementary Matters