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Monday, January 11, 2016

Free MLK product and Blog Hop Winner!!!

Our fun blog hop is over and we have some winners.  Drum roll please........
We had a winner chosen for each of our bundles!!!  
The TpT gift certificate goes to- Nancy Claggett
The K-2nd bundle goes to- Kimberly Daphne
The 3rd-5th bundle goes to- Callie Westkey.  

Suzy from On the go Teacher Mama will be sending you your prizes very soon.     

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who stopped by, downloaded our forever freebies, and those who just came and read our blogs.  We appreciate each one of you!

Also, in case you are preparing for our upcoming holiday, Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I have a product to use for it below.  It's free!  I have used it for years in my classes and I love it.  It has been downloaded over 900 times and has 1 review.  I would LOVE it if you see fit to review it for me.  Thanks so much!
I used to do a fun MLK breakfast each year (I was at a private school that didn't serve breakfast), but stopped last year when I switched to a school that does free and reduced breakfast.  Below is a pic of what was sent in one year when I was at my other school- my favorite was always the breakfast burritos....mmmmm.  

Makes me hungry just looking at all of it!!!
In my MLK product there is an example food/drink sign up page for parents.
May your week be full of understanding, love and peace!

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