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Monday, January 11, 2016

Going to RCA!

This evening, I put on a quick 15 minute presentation for my school's PTA (my youngest daughter was my photographer).  I was requesting any assistance available to go to The Ron Clark Academy.  I showed them a few videos demonstrating the awesomeness of RCA.  I then broke down the entire trip's expenses: the training, the hotel, the cab to the hotel, and the airline tickets.  Most importantly, I spoke honestly about how I feel as an educator (passionate about teaching) and why I feel so strongly about RCA and their mission as well as my own mission of a mini-revolution in my own classroom.  Changing American schools one classroom at a time is workable, doable and needed.
I requested whatever they might have available to put toward this cause.

They granted funding for the entire trip!  Plus extra funds for any available training materials for the pd that I will be doing for the teachers next year and funds to cover food costs.  I almost cried.  No really, I almost cried!!! I was so grateful to have such an amazing response.  I already knew that we have the best PTA ever, but this one tops the cake!  I feel very blessed/lucky/whatever one might call it, that's me!

I look forward to my possible adventures in Atlanta during the National Educators Conference at RCA.  WOW!  I have wanted to visit RCA for so many years but for some reason, this year felt like the year I NEEDED to go.  Now I can.

So. Happy.