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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Underwater Class Flip

I, really quick, did a classroom flip.  I set up my classroom (with some help from a parent) with a couple tarps, an "aquarium" of sea animals on my Promethean that also played underwater sounds with music, and a super cool light that makes whatever you shine it on, look like it has water ripples on it.

It's not perfect, but the kids had a good time with it!  I sent a message to my class the night before on ClassDojo showing them what to look forward to when they came.

They used finger lights to read with when they first entered the room.
We explored and sorted math facts deciding which strategy we would use to solve them such as count-on, doubles, and make-ten.  During ELA, we continued work on character and setting but we added plot to the mix.  We watched a short video on BrainPop Jr. about plot.  I read a fictional ocean story and then the kids used a story map to explain the characters, setting and plot.

During Fundations practice, we used a dolphin ring toss.  I would ask a student to tap out a word, spell it on the Promethean using my letter tile board flipchart and then the student would have a turn tossing 2 rings to the dolphin's nose.  We decided the dolphin's name was Frank.  :)
EVERYONE wanted to have a all were thoroughly engaged.

It was a fun day.

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  1. The aquarium is great!!! This opens up some ideas! :) thank you