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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Currently and a Challenge

I am linking up again with Farley for a currently.  It is ALREADY July and that means my summer is 1/2 way over!!!  Tear.  Sniffle.  Pout.
I am having the best time with my 2 adorable girls!  I am seeing friends and enjoying every minute of my summer.  I am getting all sorts of house "stuff" done as well.  

I am hosting a linky with several freebie possibilities that I talked about here...
Please check it out and join in!!!

If you wish to join in the Farley linky, please click below.  It's always so much fun.

Listening:  It's been crazy hot here in NM the past week.  We actually had to get our air going!  It was 94 at my house yesterday, so it must have been at least 100 in ABQ.  I live on the mountains outside of ABQ so it's always a bit cooler- elevation and trees help with that.

Loving:  My hubby and I have been working very hard to get our backyard completed.  Lots of hard labor going on- I am not a fan of digging with shovels, lifting large heavy rocks, and pushing wheelbarrows...but it gets us closer to a fun and extremely usable backyard.

Wanting:  For those out there that have never had a southwest breakfast burrito smothered in green chile or red for that matter, or "Christmas" (that's using both red and green).... you REALLY need to try it.  It is life altering!!!  I am a "yankee" as I am from Maryland...but when we moved here, I ate a breakfast burrito with Christmas on the side and almost fell out of my chair!!!  I had no idea what I had been missing all my life!  So, for those of you who don't live in NM- go out there and eat green chili.  You'll thank me!

4th plans:  Here in the Land of Enchantment.  We all cringe a bit when the 4th comes around.  They sell fireworks EVERYWHERE but this is the worst place to do them.  It's hot and super dry, so if the fireworks that Joe Schmoe set off, land in a bunch of dried up grass found anywhere in our's a forest fire.  Soooo, we are taking it easy with silly sparklers and on a safe spot like our driveway.   
Have a fantastic 4th and don't forget to check out my challenge and freebies found here.


  1. I need new gym shoes, too! I just hate looking for new ones once I have found some that I really love. I am bummed that summer is over half over, too! The summer is going by way too fast. Enjoy your 4th!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

    1. I tend to buy the same ones over and over- then I don't even have to sit and try anything on!!! Talk about lazy, right?!

  2. Now I'm craving a breakfast burrito. I'm a red chile girl though. I've been working like mad in my backyard too! I can't believe it's already July!

    1. Ha, sorry about that! We will be so happy when we can sit and have a drink in our finished yards!
      Have a great week.

  3. I've had my air conditioning on for a while now...the humidity makes the heat so much worse here! But it is supposedly breaking this week, fingers crossed! Have a safe and fun 4th!
    Enchanting Elementary

    1. Humidity is are right. I grew up in Maryland and it was always so hot in the summer!
      Have a great weekend.