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Sunday, July 6, 2014

2nd week of Challenge

See the first post about this challenge by clicking the pic below.
Here is a reminder of the timeline that I am working on:

Welcome to Week 2 of our challenge.  It seems no one has joined the challenge yet.  BUT- you can still join if you are interested!  Just do the needed post to catch up (it can be all in one post if that works best for you).  The final day you can post all the challenges will be July 27th.

Anyhoo- off to the next one.  So, I didn't have a real need to work in my bedroom as it is pretty good right now.

Since my upstairs bedroom was fine, I organized a room that is attached to the bedroom.  Only my hubby and I go upstairs I tend to DROP everything in the loft.  I do that thinking- no one will ever see this mess.  Well, now all of you will!  Yikes!

After many hours of organizing, moving craft items to the correct spots and purging things I never use- I finally got the space in order.  
Now it's your turn to be brave, take pictures and get organized!  Even if it isn't a major rehaul and is just a minor reorganizing task, post it!

Hope you can join in with me!

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