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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Organizing Challenge

I find myself trying to prepare for the upcoming school year by purging my whole house!!!  I seem to do that every summer.  It's the only time I find I am able to really take time to go through all my "junk" and purge.  Once school begins- it's busy town.
I was imagining that others have the same difficulty.  Sometimes I appreciate a little boost or incentive to get things completed.  Knowing someone will see my results- other than my kids and hubby always helps me work harder.  I thought it would be fun to have a little reward too!  I am giving away something that is useful for any grade.
If you complete the 4 week challenge- I will give you my new Teacher Planning Binder for free.  I just added it to my TpT store found here....
I know, I know.  Everyone and their sister from another mister has a teacher plan book/binder out now, but their book isn't free (OK, not totally free- you have to clean out your house to get it...but it's a total win-win situation)!!!  There are 69 pages total to the download.  It has four different style options, 11 divider pages per style and organizing pages for student info, weekly lesson plans and grades.

And because I REALLY want this to work for you, I am throwing in a special freebie for those folks who take on and complete the challenge.  I will send a set of editable pages to go along with the Planning Binder to be used for the year.  The freebie pages include:  Year at a Glance outline, Student Birthdays and Parent Volunteer worksheets.  The editable pages will assist you in organizing your year.  I will be adding those editable pages to my TpT store soon.   

Keep reading to the bottom for all the rules.

Here are the weekly challenges and "due" dates: 

Here's how my 1st week went:
After several hours and a couple of days, here is the result:

Rules of the Challenge:
I will post a linky each Sunday, 1 week prior to the "due" date for you to show off your cleaned up and purged home areas.  The first due date is July 6th, one week away.

*Post a before and after picture on your blog (see below for help with that).  Create a link back to my blog on that post.

*When you link to my challenge linky, please be sure your link goes directly to the specific post about this challenge.

*Purge, recycle, trash, clean, label, reorganize, give away, and do anything else you can to help yourself feel more organized and prepared for the new school year.  When your home is in order it will allow for a smoother transition back to school.

*Once you have posted your awesome newly cleaned areas, go to the blog posted before and after yours.  Comment on the two blogs giving them encouragement- we all need that from time to time.

*Then on the final week, if you have completed all 4 weeks of the challenge, I will request your email and will send you a google doc link to the FREE Planning Binder (and the added editable pages).

Now, it's time to get started.  Below are the templates you may wish to use for week 1.  Just insert the pictures and a text box to explain what you are showing us.  Good luck.  Let the cleaning begin!

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