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Monday, July 14, 2014

Challenge #3

I don't know if you do what I do- but during the school year I tend to stuff/shove/push and flat out not care about my closets, drawers, cabinets, etc.  My goal is to stay on top of all school work and to keep my daughters organized.  Thus leaving a disaster for me to purge in various parts of the house by the end of the school year.  So, to help me AND YOU if you need it, is the 4 week challenge I started a few posts back.  Check out the rules by clicking the picture below.

Here are the challenges for each week.  You can still join in on the organizational fun!  The final opportunity to post for this challenge is July 27th.  It's great to clean out the house for a fresh start to the school year.  It will also earn you freebies from me!
Welcome to Week #3!
I WISH I had a hobby room!  I do have bathrooms...ha!  I chose to work on the horribly messy master bathroom drawers.  I have highly neglected cleaning and organizing them.  So, here goes another week of showing my embarrassing messes!  
After emptying out the drawers and organizing the items into categories- makeup, eye care, hair care, etc. I was able to see everything in the drawers!  Yay!  I also took a minute to clean all my make up brushes.  It's important to do that every now and again.  They get gross!
Happy sigh- I can now get ready in the morning faster.  I have one more week of the challenge.  When this is complete I will feel sooo much more prepared for school to start.  I only have 3 weeks left before I go back to work.  Yikes, time to cram in as much fun, sun, and daughter time that I am able to handle!!!

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