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Monday, June 16, 2014

Science is Super

My kids love science projects and experiments.  Kids meaning- my daughters.  Although, my students always love when it's science time as well.  Maybe because I have a great time with science too.  I get a bit silly about it.  I love the discussions, vocabulary opportunities, trial and error and the possibility of getting messy or being outside.  It's just plain educational fun.
This summer my daughters have done a few different science lessons with me and my hubby.  I did some lessons from a resource that is near our house.  The Sandia Mountain Natural History Center is near my home and has a variety of resources.  Even if you don't live nearby to use the resource of the center (which is usually not open to the public, but a great field trip opportunity), you can use the site for info on the central NM mtn area or just to watch the wildlife videos.  There are some great curriculum packets they have available to the teachers that are used before a field trip.  You are able to download the info whether or not you go there for the field trip.  I used some of it already with my entering 2nd and 5th grade girls.  We explored our own yard discussing ecosystems, talked about vocab and wrote about it, and then went on a treasure hunt trying to find some of the things we talked about (decomposers, producers, and consumers in nature).  It was really fun, took us about an hour and created the opportunity to write/read/problem solve without them knowing I was making them do it!!!!  Ha, ha, I'm a sneaky mom.  If you want to see the lesson plan download possibilities, click the link below and any of the words in blue will take you to lp's (except pre-trip kit).  If you want to see the whole site, just go to "home" after clicking the link below.

Sandia Mountain Natural History Center

The site my hubby has used a bit with my kids is below.  If you click on it you will be taken straight to the experiments page.  There are a ton!  We did the chemistry experiment called elephant toothpaste (it's really funny) and we talked about Bernoulli's principle and tried the tp and leaf blower experiment.  Oh my goodness, did the kids LOVE that one.  They tp-ed the backyard in style.  Check out what that looks like {HERE}.  The link I just mentioned will take you to youtube and the Ellen episode where Steve Spangler does the experiment on her show.  
Steve Spangler Science

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