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Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Currently '14

Wow, I know I probably say this every month, but I am truly amazed it is already March.  The time continuum seems to be on a constant warp drive....or whatever you techy/ sci-fi folks might say.  :)
Time is going way toooo fast.  I can't seem to slow things down, no matter how hard I try to!
Well, enough complaining, here is the linky for March!  Click the deer with glasses to join in on the March currently linky.

The only thing that needs explanation are the answers to the questions in the last row.
1.  What does my daughter call St. Patrick's Day?
2.  What makes my students laugh uncontrollably?
3.  What makes me nervous?

Have the most amazing March!!!


  1. Oh Amy,
    I like your currently! I like how you put 3 different things for your last question. I like Leprechaun Day, too. Your "wanting" post is totally me. I always want to be more organized and I'm fine for about 2 minutes and then it all falls apart. I feel like such a scatter-brain when it does all fall apart.
    Thanks for sharing. You'll have to try again at my question? Ziti…not food!

  2. I am looking forward to Spring Break, too. Another four weeks and I can sleep in and stay in my jammies all day long!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    It's Raining Resources

  3. Amy!

    I so woke up early this morning and all I could hear was my bacon cracklin' in the frying pan -- no husband, no baby! Your Currently: listening speaks to my heart -- oh, the days of a quiet household! Have a great week and here's to a quick (and warm!) Spring Break!