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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 5, and final day

This is the final day of the New Year Linky.  I have enjoyed thinking and planning for the new year with the folks over at Blog Hoppin'.  Click below to join in the final day or catch up by doing the other days. :)

Well, organization could be a super long post too.  So I will keep it simple again.  Instead of ideas on how I organize- which I have talked about in other posts, I am showing what I need to do.

1.  I wish to continue to work on organizing and reorganizing my classroom to benefit the students and myself in the most efficient way possible.  I have been pretty good about this so far, so hopefully I can continue to be on top of this.

2.  I wish to get more products organized for TpT.  I have revised one of my products this weekend. MLK Day is coming up and I am trying to be organized and ready for it.  That in mind, below is a link to the MLK Day writing freebie I have revised in my TpT store.  Just click on the picture to get it.
3.  I need to be more organized about asking for parental assistance.  It always seems easier to do it all myself, but it would be nice to get help too.  Parents enjoy helping and I enjoy the help I get.  Win, win.  It does take some organizing though.  

4.  I need to be more organized with my time at school, as always.  I'm sure many of you can relate to that statement!  That might just be a teacher thing.  We are never truly done work until it's summer time!

Well, lots planned for the last 1/2 year of school...guess I better be gettin' to it!


  1. Having taught three grades in the past three years, organization has been something I've really had to work on for sure. I can't wait to post about this! I'd love to meet up again. Let's reach out to the other NM blogging buddies and plan a date!

    1. Sounds good, I'll be in touch about a date soon. :)

  2. Amy, I just found your blog today. You are so right about parents helping; it is a win-win situation. I had a parent volunteer in my room today, and she really helped during writing time. I'm also spending a lot of time reorganizing TPT products, lowering prices, and adding Common Core standards to everything. Woosh! It's taking a long time to go through all of those products.

    Your latest follower,

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight

    1. It does take a long time to revamp products. Thanks for stopping by!