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Friday, October 25, 2013

Yuck, sniffle

Booo!  Being sick stinks.  I went to the doctors and learned I have bronchitis.  I was given a giant bag full of meds to take!  I barely take Tylenol, so I am not ecstatic.  Oh well.
While I was home and unable to do anything, I made some head way with getting our 1st grade ready for 50's day and the NM Fiesta we have coming up.  I made fliers to be used year after year for the fiesta.  Below is an example of just one.  I chose this one as the picture didn't show the kiddos face. The font is called Copper Doodle.  Thought it was cute.

The 50's flier I made uses font called Charlie Smiley.  The pics are from the net.  

Well, off to do more resting,