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Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh Yeah!!!

I am actually on time for the 5!!!


Although, I'm in a hurry to go veg on the couch, sooo.....

No cute numbers today.

This is an example of what my kiddos did with their 4th grade buddies.  They wrote a poem together, created a balloon of their own, or a fave from the ABQ Balloon Fiesta.  Then they had cute balloon shaped cookie and some juice together.  I love, love, love our buddy time together.  It doesn't hurt that I think the teacher I'm paired with is a super cool lady.  :)  Technically, we did not do this, this week....but I just took it down from our bulletin board this week...counts, right?

As we are doing the NM unit study now, I also take a little time to discuss bats.  Why?  We have pretty cool bats here.  Down south in the Carlsbad area there is a well known cavern that has a nightly showing of a bat "tornado" exiting the caves.  It's pretty amazing.

We are almost totally finished with our expository fall writing.  First we did major brainstorms.  Then we worked together on the outline (each child has a different outline- this is just my ex).  Then we work step by step to form sentences for each example and detail.  It takes a LOOOONNNNNGG time to do this job and we only have a day or so left to wrap it up.

This is a pic of my kids rereading a basal story to each other.  They took turns to do "Read to Someone"- so far, they are doing a fabulous job with this.  We have not built a lot of stamina yet, but every little bit counts!

I created a few puppets for word work and put them into use this week.  I got all the balls from a tennis club- they had tons of old/flat tennis balls they were ecstatic to give to me.  I had my hubby cut the mouths (I was scared I'd cut a thumb off, knowing me) and then decorated the balls.  They kids use Bananagrams with the puppets.  The steps are:  spell voc word, say it, place letter tile (one by one) into the puppet, puppet says word, then pukes it all out- sound effects and all.  Then they respell, say and put away the tiles.  Then they will move on to the next word.  Click on the pic to snag the page that goes with the puppet word work on Google Drive.
No- I did not come up with this on my own (wish I had).  I got it from a Vegas conf one year.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. I have an Alphabet Monster who eats letters and then pukes them out, too. You have inspired me to make some mini ones for word work activities! :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

    1. I'm wondering what the large monsters look like if the tennis ball would be "mini". Sounds neat.

  2. So cute! I love that idea! Thanks for sharing!!! I found your blog thanks to Five for Friday! Love it!!!
    Laura ~ First Grade Spies