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Saturday, October 27, 2012

TpT Sale!

Halloween is almost here and we sure are having a lot of fun with the kids.  Our first grade finished our state study and ended with a NM Fiesta (yesterday) full of many activities!  My hard working room mom helped organize the event for the first grade.  We had NM bingo, ristra making, sand painting, pumpkin character displays with their matching books, pinata bag decorating with NM stickers, and of course the fun but exhausting Mexican Hat Dance!  To end the festivities we had a pinata for each class.  Phew, sure was a big day!  My amazing friends/coworkers were the ones to create all the ideas for the festivities years ago.  My first grade coworkers are such brilliant ladies.  I am so lucky to have amazing friends to work with on a daily basis.  They are a continuing inspiration for me. 

As we are all working hard on getting ready for the end of Oct and beginning of Nov, I am having a sale on the items in my TpT store to help out.  I hope you check it out!  Click the picture below to see what I have for you.  I will have Thanksgiving items coming out soon too.

The cute graphic below was a FREEBIE graphic from LetteringDelights.  Isn't it cute?  Click {HERE}if you want to check out thier cute fonts and graphics.


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