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Saturday, May 23, 2015

5 for the Summer!

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SCHOOL IS DONE!  I get to be with my daughters and husband without looming deadlines, paperwork, computer work, etc, etc.  I am soooo tired.  We had planned on going camping this long weekend, but I asked my hubby if he minded that we just stay home and sleep....all weekend.  He is so awesome- he totally understood.  We are lucky to have a hot tub in our backyard, so that's where I will be stationed for several hours this weekend.  I'll have to figure out a cute drink to have while I am in it.  I don't drink alcohol, but like sweet drinks...Pinterest here I come.  We worked really hard on our backyard last summer and created this....

Unfortunately, right now you can't tell how hard we worked because it is completely overgrown with weeds EVERYWHERE!!  It's been raining soooo much this month.  We are in the high desert outside the ABQ area in NM and this has been a very weird weather month.  It's not even very warm yet!

Last summer, I hosted a 4 week summer organization challenge on my blog.  It was super helpful for me.  I will be doing it again this summer, but not positive of the start date.  It will count as my spring cleaning this year, since I never had time for it.

These 2 crazy girls and my hubby and I plan on doing lots of camping and driving around in the forest on 4 wheelers!  I can't wait to get started.

Also, I think the girls will be in some filming this summer.  We have already gotten a few calls that we couldn't do since the girls were still in school.  I am hoping to be able to watch them do their thing!  They are so good at acting and love it so much.  

I have plans to go through ALL of my school stuff and get rid of a ton of things.  I also want to go through and label my entire library of personal books.  I have soooo many books, so that might take awhile.  Sigh.  I have taught several different grade levels and I have kept boxes, tubs, and more boxes on everything.  It's time to purge.  
I would really like to go on some runs with my kids.  I NEED the exercise.  I basically haven't exercised all school year.  It was a super busy year with no sleep, no family time, and no calm down time.  So, I need to get my body, brain, and I suppose soul back on track.  Yoga, running/walking, stretching, and turning of all screens is going to be necessary. 

I hope your summer vacation starts soon too.


  1. Your daughters AND your backyard are beautiful! I remember the challenge from last year! Looking forward to it!

    Teaching Voracious Learners

  2. Have a great summer! Let's get together soon!
    On the Go Teacher Mama